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Live In Boston 1970

Posted by jonaszorn en octubre 17, 2010

  1. Star (1st Show)
  2. All Right, All Right, All Right (1st Show)
  3. Roadhouse Moan (1st Show)
  4. Roadhouse Blues (1st Show)
  5. Ship Of Fools (1st Show)
  6. Alabama Song (Whisky) [1st Show]
  7. Back Door Man (1st Show)
  8. Five To One (1st Show)
  9. When The Music’s Over (1st Show)
  10. Rock Me (1st Show)
  11. Mystery Train (1st Show)
  12. Away In India (1st Show)
  13. Crossroads (1st Show)
  14. Prelude To Wake Up! (1st Show)
  15. Wake Up! (1st Show)
  16. Light My Fire (1st Show)
  17. Start (2nd Show)
  18. Break On Through (To The Other Side) [2nd Show]
  19. I Believe In Democracy (2nd Show)
  20. When The Music’s Over (2nd Show)
  21. Roadhouse Blues (2nd Show)
  22. The Spy (2nd Show)
  23. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)[2nd Show]
  24. Back Door Man (2nd Show)
  25. Five To One (2nd Show)
  26. Astrology Rap (2nd Show)
  27. Build Me A Woman (2nd Show)
  28. You Make Me Real (2nd Show)
  29. Wait A Minute! (2nd Show)
  30. Mystery Train (2nd Show)
  31. Away In India (2nd Show)
  32. Crossroads (2nd Show)
  33. Band Intro’s (2nd Show)
  34. Adolf Hitler (2nd Show)
  35. Light My Fire (2nd Show)
  36. Fever (Light My Fire) [2nd Show]
  37. Summertime (Light My Fire)[2nd Show]
  38. St. James Infirmary Blues (Light My Fire)[2nd Show]
  39. Graveyard Poem (Light My Fire)[2nd Show]
  40. Light My Fire (Reprise)[2nd Show]
  41. More, More, More! (2nd Show)
  42. Ladies & Gentlemen (2nd Show)
  43. We Can’t Instigate (2nd Show)
  44. They Want More (2nd Show)
  45. Been Down So Long (2nd Show)
  46. Power Turned Off (2nd Show)


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