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  • octubre 2010
    L M X J V S D
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The Very Best Of The Doors

Posted by jonaszorn en octubre 17, 2010

  1. Break On Trough (To The Otherside)
  2. Strange Days
  3. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
  4. Love Me To Times
  5. Light My Fire
  6. Spanish Caravan
  7. The Cristal Ship
  8. The Unknown Soldier
  9. The End
  10. People Are Strange
  11. Back Door Man
  12. Monnlight Drive
  13. End Of The Night
  14. Five To One
  15. When The Music’s Over
  16. Twentieth Century Fox
  17. Love Her Madly
  18. Riders On The Storm
  19. My Eyes Have Seen You
  20. Tell All The Peolple
  21. Hello, I Love You
  22. The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
  23. Not To Touch The Earth
  24. Soul Kitchen
  25. Peace Frog
  26. L.A. Woman
  27. Waiting For The Sun
  28. Touch Me
  29. The Chareling
  30. Wishful Sinful
  31. Love Street
  32. Ghost Song
  33. Gloria
  34. Roadhouse Blues
  35. L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  36. Hello, I Love You ( Adam Freeland Fabric Mix)
  37. Maggie M’Gill (John Densmore/FredWreck Remix)


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