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When You’re Strange (Songs from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Version]

Posted by jonaszorn en octubre 17, 2010

  1. Poem: Cinema
  2. Poem: The Spirit Of Music
  3. Moonlight Drive
  4. Poem: The Doors Of Perception
  5. Break On Through (To The Other Side)
  6. Poem: A Visitation Of Energy
  7. Light My Fire (Live On The Ed Sullivan Show)[Mono]
  8. To Be A Real Superstar (Interview Segment)
  9. Five To One
  10. Poem: Wasting The Dawn
  11. When The Music’s Over (Live On Danish TV)[Mono]
  12. The Four Of Us Are Musicians / I’d Like Them To Listen /Rock And Roll And Jazz / Our Music Is Symbolic (Interview Segments)
  13. Hello, I Love You
  14. Dead Serious (Interview Segments)
  15. People Are Strange
  16. Poem: Inside The Dream
  17. Soul Kitchen
  18. Poem: We Have Been Metamorphosized
  19. Poem: Touch Scares
  20. Touch Me
  21. Poem: Naked We Come
  22. Poem: O Great Creator Of Being
  23. The End
  24. Poem: The Girl Of The Ghetto
  25. L.A. Woman
  26. Poem: Crossroads
  27. Roadhouse Blues (Live In New York, 1970)
  28. Poem Ensenada
  29. Riders On The Storm
  30. Poem: As I Look Back
  31. The Crystal Ship
  32. Poem: Goodbye America
  33. The Changeling (Bonus Track)
  34. Strange Days (Bonus Track)
  35. The Spy (Bonus Track)
  36. Clip From 2When You’re Strange” [Bonus Video]


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